Popular Courses for Foreign Students in Australia

Australia is a favourite destination for international students to pursue higher studies. Studying in the reputed universities of Australia is a decisive step for candidates to start an illustrious career in life. Besides getting a globally recognised certification, candidates receive valuable skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the chosen field. Let us look at the popular courses that foreign students prefer to study in the island country.   Continue reading

Reasons to Study IT Courses in Australia

Australia has a quality education system and world class universities. It is the third most preferred destination for international students behind US and UK for higher studies. Apart from that, scholarships are offered by the government to the deserving students while pursuing higher education. Continue reading

How Professional Year Helps Graduates in Australia?

Professional Year is a special program designed to impart training to the international graduates of engineering, accounting, and IT field who studied at an Australian university. The program consists of a formal learning and unpaid industry-integrated internship to develop professional skills. The initiative is aimed at increasing the supply of qualified professionals to meet the demands of local industries. Approved by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the program was designed by professional bodies of the respective university. Continue reading

Benefits of Starting a Nursing Career in Australia

Nursing is one of the most sought after careers in the healthcare industry. It involves taking care of the patients to regain health offering medical services as per the prescription. A nursing profession is quite satisfying as it means serving human beings. Besides that, the career has massive growth and diverse opportunities in the industry for qualified graduates. Continue reading

Key Facts of Professional Year in Australia

Australia businesses are hiring skilled overseas workers to meet the economic goals of the country. Acute shortages of qualified workers cause impediments in performing economic activities which prevent growth. The Professional Year in Australia is an initiative taken to increase the supply of skilled labour to the local market offering training to international graduates. Continue reading

Benefits of Hiring Education Agents in Australia

You’ve made the right decision of pursuing your higher studies in Australia. The island country is the perfect place to pursue advanced studies and broaden career prospects. The quality education system and modern training facilities deliver more than just certification to foreign students while studying in the Australian universities. Continue reading

Why Accounting Graduates Should Join Professional Year?

Australia is facing shortages of skilled labours in many sectors. The deficit is being addressed by hiring qualified professionals from overseas in the businesses. Skilled migration is a vital step taken to meet the demand of trained workers and maintain economic growth of the country.

Engineering, accounting, and IT are the worst affected sectors of the country. Local graduates aren’t enough to meet the rising demand for skilled workers in these areas. That is why an important initiative has been taken to employ international graduates after offering market-relevant training in the chosen field of study. Professional Year in Australia is the program started to impart training to graduates who have studied at a local university and supply to the domestic market. It is a necessary training for graduates to be ready for the Australian market quickly.

The program was designed by professional bodies of respective universities with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Training modules in the program are set by experts to develop necessary skills and knowledge in the chosen profession. Graduates enjoy higher employability and move closer to permanent residency in Australia after completing this program. Hence it is an important program to kick-start your career and get PR in Australia.

Accounting as a Career

Accounting is one of the most respected and high-demand careers in the business world of today. Accountants are responsible for interpreting the numbers into doable financial strategies which bring more profits. They participate in the decision-making and play vital roles in protecting the firms from bankruptcy. Besides this, qualified accountants can foresee impending financial crisis and take proactive preventive measures. Hence all businesses need to hire experienced and skilled accountants to resolve their finance related problems.

Reasons to Study Accounting in Australia

Australia is an ideal destination for studying accounting courses for international students. Top-ranked universities are offering world-class training facilities which develop excellent accounting skills necessary to succeed in this profession. That is why international students prefer studying in the Australian universities to improve their career prospects after completion of studies.

Accounting graduates can’t find work easily due to lack of work experience and market-relevant skills. It is because recruiters demand more than just qualification from the candidates for selection.

Join in the Professional Year in Accounting program to be ready for the Australian market. In the 44-week program, candidates receive formal learning and internship training during the internal placement. A two-year degree, skilled graduate visa, and higher English proficiency are necessary to be eligible for this program.

In the program, graduates learn work culture, teamwork, official communication, handling pressure, customer service skills, and develop a personality. In the internship training, candidates develop professional skills, writing resumes, developing interview facing skills, and networking with industry experts. Graduates receive market-oriented skills to get jobs and earn five migration points supporting PR after completion.

Benefits of Hiring Indian Education Consultants

Australia is an ideal destination to pursue higher studies and get a world-class education to start a successful career in life. International students face confusion while selecting courses, career-path, top university, admission, apply for a scholarship, and so on. Hire Indian education consultants to get information and make an informed decision about your career. They are registered and have experience of helping foreign students in realising their dream. Contact our consultants to get counselling and help in starting a successful career in Australia.

Top Reasons to Study Nursing in Australia

Australia is the third most preferred destination to pursue higher studies for international students behind US and UK. The world-class universities and high-quality education system attract students from different nations every year. Over 1100 premier institutes offer 22000 courses in the different field of study to aspirants. The Australian government is providing $200 million scholarships to deserving candidates to promote study in its universities annually. Continue reading

How to Increase Migration Points for PR in Australia?

Australia is one of the top destinations for immigration globally. People prefer migrating to Australia in search of a better lifestyle, job opportunities, and education. Getting a permanent residence visa enables immigrants to enjoy facilities almost at par with Australian citizens. But, it is not easy to get PR. DIBP select the candidates for PR considering their potential economic contributions while living in the country. Continue reading