How Can Migration Experts Help Getting PR in Australia?

Australia is one of the most favourite nations for immigration in the world. It is a developed country with a robust economy and higher per-capita income which delivers good living standard to the citizens. The growing employment opportunities, friendly locals, and pleasant weather condition are other factors which attract people to settle in Australia. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Need an Education Agent in Australia

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for international students to pursue their higher studies. Over 1100 premier institutes offer 22000 courses in diverse fields to aspiring students. It is a right decision if you have decided to study in Australia to start an illustrious career. The quality education system clubbed with modern infrastructures develop skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.   Continue reading

Practising Tips to Crack PTE Academic Test

As a non-speaker, you need a proof of English language ability to get visas for study, immigration, and work in a native country. Students with no fluency in the English language will face problems in understanding, communication, and performing daily activities. Hence, international students need to appear in the test aspiring to study abroad in reputed universities. Continue reading

How to Convert Temporary Visa into Permanent Residence?

Australia is facing acute skill crisis in many sectors. Local graduates aren’t enough to meet rising demands of professionals which are severely hampering economic growth. Skill migration is a significant step taken by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to supply skilled overseas workers and meet mid to long-term economic goals of the country. Continue reading

Key Benefits of Joining Professional Year Program

Australian is a facing scarcity of skilled labours in many sectors. Skills crisis is creating obstacles to performing economic activities and achieving a higher growth. Businesses need qualified professionals to meet mid to longer financial goals in Australia. Continue reading

Two Job Oriented Courses for International Students

International students face problems in getting employment despite having qualifications in Australia. It is because recruiters demand relevant work experience and skills from candidates needed to work on live projects. Several professional courses have been designed for foreign students to make them eligible for the Australian market. Here are the two courses which are useful to find employment after completion. Continue reading

Benefits of Studying Nursing Courses in Melbourne

Australia is a preferred destination for international students looking to study nursing courses abroad. It has a world-class education system, and advanced nursing courses are offered in top-ranked universities. Australia’s healthcare sectors maintain a high standard of nursing practices to deliver excellent services to patients. Continue reading

Start Your Career Joining Professional Year Program

Want to start your career after graduation in Australia? If you’re an international student with a minimum two-year degree, start your career entering Professional Year in Australia. The training program is initiated for international graduates of engineering, accounting, and IT fields to impart professional skills. Respective professional bodies of the university with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has developed this program. The training aims at resolving skill crisis in these areas by supplying qualified professionals consistently to the market. At the end of the training, graduates become ready for employment and move closer to permanent residency in Australia. Continue reading