Job Oriented Courses for Foreign Students in Australia

Do you want to get a job in Australia? As an international student, you may face problems in getting the desired job in Australia due to lack of skills demand by recruiters. To be eligible for the market, undertake job oriented courses designed for foreign students. Here are two courses that are useful to increase skills and knowledge needed to get a job after completion.

Be an Expert Interpreter or a Translator

English is the de facto official language and medium of instruction in Australia. As a population of non-speaker is growing rapidly, obstacles are coming in having an effective conversation. Natives and non-speakers often need to converse in traditional sign languages. To resolve this problem, professional interpreters and translators are being placed in important places like banks, transport system, medical services, and so on.

Bilingual international students are being trained to develop professional skills in the second language. Join NAATI courses in Australia to get special training in classrooms and guided by qualified faculties. Training is offered in over 40 languages under NAATI. Rigorous practices are needed to develop expertise and pass the exam. Upon completion, graduates get accreditation from NAATI and also earn 5 migration points from Credentialed Community Language (CCL) supporting PR in Australia from. Continue reading

Begin Your Australian Career with Professional Year

Do you want to begin your career in Australia after graduation? International graduates who studied IT, engineering, or accounting from an Australian university can start their career in the country. It is an initiative taken by respective professional bodies with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Professional Year Program trains and supplies international graduates to meet mid to long term goals of the Australian economy. Skill shortages are creating problems which are hampering economic growth and performing activities in the affected sectors.

In the program, graduates get formal learning and training in live projects during an internal placement. Graduates learn work ethics, official communication, develop a personality, and be ready for the Australian market. Upon completion, graduates enjoy higher employment opportunities and earn 5 migration points for permanent residency in Australia. Continue reading

Why International Students Pursue Nursing Courses in Australia?

Australia is the third most preferred destination for foreign students to pursue higher education. A high-quality education system, modern infrastructure, and globally recognized courses offered by top-ranked universities attract thousands of students every year. There are 1100 institutions offering 22,000 courses on diverse fields and subjects to the students. Further, the Australian government is offering $200 million as scholarships to foreign students. Getting scholarship in the pursuing courses incur less expense to international students.

Australia has an enviable environment, sightseeing, friendly locals, and a multi-cultural society. The booming economy of Australia produces huge job opportunities in different sectors. Local graduates aren’t enough to perform economic activities leading to shortages of skilled workers in many sectors. One of such sectors is nursing which is facing acute shortages of skilled nurses in Australia for a long time. This is evident with the consistent publishing of nursing related jobs in Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) by the states.

Nursing Career in Australia

Nursing is a noble profession that involves taking care of sick and ill people. The nursing of fellow human being and community are like serving humanity. Nurses face work pressure and also mental satisfaction simultaneously at the workplace helping to regain the health of sick. This is why nursing is one of the most sought after professions for young students globally. There are huge career options and growth opportunities for qualified nurses in Australia.

Australia follows a high standard of nursing practices and offers healthcare services with modern equipment. Aspiring nurses need extensive training and studies to acquire skills essential in offering healthcare services according to latest standards. Nursing courses in Melbourne are the right pick for international students looking for a career in this field. Advanced curriculums and modern infrastructures are used in training by qualified faculties. Undergoing acclaimed nursing courses impart knowledge and skills needed to improve career prospects globally. Both technical and practical classes conducted in hospitals help students to be a market-ready professional. In this way, Australian nursing graduates become ready for the market while undergoing a nursing course.

IRON Program for International Nurses

Registered nurses receive a higher pay and enjoy higher employment opportunities in Australia. This is attracting thousands of international nurses to launch their careers in this country. But nurses need orientation and acquire competitive skills at par with Australian counterparts. To know nursing practices based on local settings, join IRON program for nurses first. It is a 13-week training program consisting of formal learning and internship training with a hosting company. It requires a recognized nursing degree and 3-month work experiences to be eligible for this program.

Undergoing this program, graduates learn work ethics, communication skills, know responsibilities, using nursing equipment, teamwork, and handling work pressure. The program develops nursing skills, experience, and experience needed to get employment in the industry. Post completion, graduates can apply for registration with Australian Health Practitioner and Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to be a registered nurse.

Importance of Indian Migration Agents

The migration laws of Australia are complex and dynamic. Processing of complex visas needs help of experts for guidance and fulfilling requirements to avoid rejection from the concerned authority. The Indian migration agents have been offering visa services since inception under MARA codes. Agents possess skills and knowledge of handling visa related courses effectively. Contact our experts for visa services and make your migration a smooth process.

Professional Year Program and Its Benefits for Graduates

Australia is facing a shortage of skilled professionals in engineering, accounting, and IT sectors. To supply trained professionals to the Australian market, Professional Year program has been created. It is a market-readiness program designed for international graduates in these fields to impart skills with industry-integrated training. The program is designed by professional bodies of universities under the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The program contains formal learning and live project training done with a host company during internal placement. In this program, graduates gain knowledge, work experience, and skill demand by recruiters in the market. Upon completion, graduates enjoy employment opportunities and earn 5 migration points needed for permanent residency in Australia. Continue reading

General Tips to Crack PTE Academic Test

Are you struggling to get the desired PTE score needed in your application? If yes, you’re not alone. A systematic approach in preparation in accordance with syllabus is needed to succeed. Follow guidelines and take help of language experts in preparations. PTE test is a computer-based test designed to assess the proficiency of non-speakers completely. The exam results are given within 5 working days to takers which help to apply to different universities easily.

It is a fast, secure, and reliable way of assessing English language ability for international students. The scores of PTE exam are accepted in over 6000 organizations and this number is growing steadily. This is why PTE test is taken for immigration, jobs, education, and work in English speaking countries.

Here are the general tips useful to crack in the PTE test:

  • Know the question formats and syllabus in the test
  • Buy genuine study materials to prepare accordingly
  • Start preparation according to sections and items
  • Focus on improving vocabulary, oral fluency, and pronunciation
  • Avoid grammatical errors like unnecessary use of capital letters, full stop, and comma.
  • Practice to maintain word limit in writing sections
  • Respond quickly and keeping speaking without stopping
  • Take coaching from language experts of guidance and practice

Importance of PTE Voucher

PTE academic test is getting popular among the international students quickly. There are 150 authorized centers of PTE which are spread globally. To take this PTE test, you need to book the test in advance. To avoid late booking fee, book the test in advance. Credit card and debit card can be used in booking the test online easily. Buy PTE voucher to use in booking the test if credit and debit card failed to book the exam for you.

Benefits of Using PTE voucher for Booking

Takers often need to take the PTE test repeatedly to achieve the desired score required in a particular application. It can be visa, immigration, or be eligible for jobs in English-speaking countries.  Use a discounted voucher in taking the test to avoid financial constraints. Buy PTE voucher to avail 10% discount on the original fee and use in booking the test.  Contact our AECC Global office to buy voucher and book the test immediately.

Why International Students Need Education Agents?

Australia is receiving thousands of foreign students every year. Pursuing higher studies in Australia enable students to get world class education and improve career prospects globally.

Set a career goal, find a suited course, and study in a reputed Australian university……. seems simple. NO, it isn’t. It requires a lot of research to know about the courses, university, admission procedures, and acquire scholarships in Australia. Book Nepalese education agents in Sydney to get a detailed information needed to kick start your Australian career. Agents offer guidance and help needed to study in top universities of Sydney. Starting from counseling, admission, to achieving scholarship, agents can help foreign students in everything.

Reasons to Hire Education Agents in Melbourne

Melbourne is a hotspot for international students for higher education. Top-ranked universities offering courses attract thousands of students to this multi-cultural city. Australia has a quality education system and uses modern infrastructure in training. Nepalese education agents in Melbourne can guide in studying a degree course or vocational training. This is because agents have knowledge about the education system, the job industry, and market-relevant courses. Agents have good experience and skills in resolving education related problems effectively. Prior work experience and skills in helping students make these agents ideal choices for international students.

Book Nepalese Education Agent in Brisbane

Brisbane is another important destination choose by foreign students to study further. Know the reputed education institutions and courses in your field hiring an education agent. Agents usually have a tie-up with all prominent institutions and offer placement easily to students. Avoid consulting an agent making false promises in scholarship, PR pathways, job guarantees, and charging more money. To get genuine guidance and counseling, book Nepalese education agent in Brisbane quickly. Nepalese agents have been offering education related services to clients since inception. Apart from education, you can get guidance on visa services, scholarship, PR pathway, and choose a suitable career in accordance with the market demand. Contact our AECC Global education agents for counseling and take a step forward to start a successful career.

Discover Benefits of Professional Year Program

Have you graduated from a local university in engineering, accounting, or IT field? If yes, joining in Professional Year Program may be the best option to launch your career in Australia. It is a special program designed for international graduates to impart training and be market-ready professionals. This initiative has been taken by professional bodies with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to supply skilled professionals in these fields. Students get training in industry-integrated programs to be eligible and get jobs easily in Australia. Continue reading

How Education Agents Help in Starting Your Hospitality Career?

Australia is the third most preferred destination for foreign students to pursue higher studies. The presence of top universities, a quality education system, sightseeing, and friendly locals are top reasons that attract foreign students every year. Pursuing higher studies in Australia improve career prospects and the chance of getting jobs for international students. The best education agent in Melbourne needs to be hired to get counseling and guidance in starting an illustrious career. Education agents know the employment market, job-oriented courses, and has a tie-up with all prominent educational institutions. Consulting with an education agent helps foreign students to start a successful career in Australia. Continue reading

Preparation Tips to Succeed in PTE Academic Test

Non-native speakers looking for immigration, higher studies, and work in foreign countries need to prove their English abilities. Pearson test of English is an internationally recognized test designed for non-speakers to assess and validate their English proficiency. It is a computer-based test offering a fast, secure, and reliable way of assessing English language for takers. The score of PTE test is accepted by 6000 organizations such as education institutions, government, immigration agencies, and employers. This is why takers love taking PTE test to demonstrate English proficiency whenever required. Continue reading

How to Book PTE Academic Test?

Pearson test of English is a computer-based English proficiency test conducted by Pearson PLC group internationally. The test is ideal for non-speakers to get a fast, secure, and reliable result within 5 working days. Scores of PTE test are accepted by governments, immigration agencies, and employers across the globe. Over 6000 organizations accept this score and this number is steadily increasing. The score demonstrates the level of English proficiency with the overall score. A suitable PTE score is needed for visas, immigration, studies, and work in native speaking countries. This is because test assesses speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills of takers as needed in a real life. Though, it is a new entrant but gained popularity and wide acceptance from international takers.

Procedures to Book PTE Exam

You need to score higher in PTE academic test to be eligible to study in foreign universities where the medium of instruction is English. The test can be booked 363 days a year in over 150 authorized centers present globally. Credit and debit card can be used in booking the test online using a secure online payment gateway. But if credit and debit card fail, buy a PTE voucher with cash from an authorized reseller to use in booking the test with the code.

Here is the procedure to book your PTE test:

  • Create a Pearson account and receive a mail with login detail within 24 hours
  • Locate nearest test center and checks seat availability
  • Pay the fee online or use the code of PTE voucher to book the test
  • Sign into your account to schedule your test

Note: Check the price of the fee as it may vary in regions and countries.

Use Voucher in Booking PTE Test

The original cost of taking the PTE academic test is $330. It means takers need to spend this amount of taking the exam every time. And students often need to repeat this exam several times to get the score needed for a particular application. Buy PTE voucher to use in booking the test and get 10% discounts on the original fee. Using the discount voucher helps students to avoid financial constraints incurred while taking this exam. Contact our AECC Global office to buy PTE voucher and book the test immediately.